(BB Codes) [Abbr] BBCode – Mouseover Abbreviations

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Title: abbr
BB Code Tag Name: abbr
Replacement: [noparse]{param}[/noparse]
Example: [abbr=test]When Hovered over, this should say « Test »[/abbr]
Description: Adds a description to the mouseover of words or links, sort of like vBSEO does.
Use {option}: Yes
Button Image (Optional): Choose your own
Remove Tag If Empty: Yes
Disable BB Code Within This BB Code: No
Disable Smilies Within This BB Code: No
Disable Word Wrapping Within This BB Code: No


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  1. @captainslater 26238 wrote:

    Can I save some abbreviations so I must not enter it everytime I use the bb-code?

    Nope. sorry.

    @trotskid 26246 wrote:

    Nice BBcode. Thanks.

    You’re welcome.

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