nexia had an accident last night… report

At 3:50 this morning, i received a sms from [user]nexia[/user], from the hospital and he asked me to close the support on vbE for a couple of days, as he had an accident and will not be online for a period. I called home, and his wife told me he was waiting for the bus to come back home, he was pushed by a guy on the border of the street when the bus was stopping… He is not dead as she said, and he is not harmed that much… his right arm was hit, and his MacBook btw, is a complete loss… but who cares!

I do not have more information about the accident, but nexia is never sick or really bad, so i suppose he will recover soon.

I’ll keep everybody informed of the situation as i have more informations to provide. I’m not used to post on this forum, but i’ll try my best.

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  1. awww damn! Now material stuff doesn´t matter at all, I just hope he did not hurt much and is not going to have any pain in the future because of this. Few years ago I had an accident with an total damage of over 130K €. lol (insurance got f*cked) But what matters is that people not get hurt or dead.

    I do wish you good luck nexia and hopefully you get back on your feets very soon. Thanks Rick Poster for the information.

    Get well soon!

  2. Hum, thanks for the panic, Richard… tsss

    yeah, an accident… a hit, that’s all.. i have the right arm stuck for 2 months, unable to write two words inside of one minute…

    my bad, i was waiting for the bus, and some stressed out punk pushed me to be the first in the row… i lost my balance and felt down in front of the bus which was mostly stopped… not stopped enough, i had to avoid it, and in my fall my compact computer followed my path and my arm was crushed in the move… the macbook felt under the wheel i avoided… crunch, croock, tzzzz smoke

    so that’s it… nothing fancy, no need to call the ambulance, the bus driver called it but hey, no need, we were like 3 stations before the first hospital… lol

    i’m now with a « concrete arm » .. lol in plaster.

    damn, took me 10 minutes to write these lines.

    ok, next, the computer contained all the new work i was doing right now, so besides what is already stored in this site, i lost everything. the « no »-joke is that i had a backup dvd… IN the superdrive… i lost the backup of the last 4 months of work…

    someone will be sad about this apart of me, isn’t it?…

    i’ll be able to privide echoes in the next days… for now i have to rest… that hurts like hell…

    see ya, sorry for the support, Rick will « try » to answer it for the time being. He is the PR of another project i have, and he is quite aquinted with my codes…

  3. thanks… 🙂

    i’ll try to be online at least one hour per day, but i’m unable to code or concentrate right now… i have no idea how it will be in a month, but right now, numb.

    last year i was operated in the left hand, they gave me a new hole to look at in the X-rays… took me at least 5 weeks to recover and be able to write on the keyboard for coding. … now it’s the whole right arm *(2 bones broken)… i have no idea.

  4. morphine is good, i can tell ya..

    i’ll have treatments for my bones and teflon in the next days, and as i’m already injured from other accidents in my long life, i will receive extra cares to « update » my old situation. *(i mean they will implant me some new technology that will help me fly to the moon!)

    … did i ever mentionned i hate PCs… i’m with the hospital laptop *(leased) right now, gosh… i miss my MacBook Pro.. rofl

    the bad news is that i may be in stand-by for the whole season, so Drew and some other friends will be the ones releasing new engines on the site. They can not be hired right now as they all go to school, but i have a ton of unreleased products that just need to be uploaded to this site, no coding involved… Rick or Drew will do it i’m sure… 🙂

    thanks for the kind words too… 🙂

  5. Good to hear you’re doing relatively well again. Hope you’ll feel better soon 🙂
    My condolences with the loss of your MacBook of course 🙂

    Also, perhaps next time under better circumstances, it’s nice to finally meet you Rick 😉

  6. @nexia 22946 wrote:

    i’m not coding yet, i’m sure i will take the 2 months requested by the doc

    you are not serious, i need a Tutorial on how to post on this forum…

    i hope you will support what you release, because i know nothing about this new tool… :grin_Crying:

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