multi forum mods

i try to post in that forum but im not allowed

by the way this script is very intersting i was about to buy Ubb becz they have this feature Only for the Gallery that we can creat one forums to be a Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery – UBB.threads Community

And we can post multi Photo in Single post wish this is the feature that i like

da van – UBB.threads Community

i hope this going to be released very soon im so intersting to buy it


Une réponse sur “multi forum mods”

  1. i’m just waiting for a commercial announcement over IB/Jelsoft to see where they are going with their plans, and i release it as soon as possible.

    though i’ve been injured yesterday and i’m not planning to code for the next 3 or 4 weeks, the actual MTF engine is ready and have the basic 4 types that will be bundled with the engine on sale.

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