Nexia’s Social Groups Enhancements Bundle

This Product will make you change the way you see the Social Groups.

Each feature of the Social Groups are redefined and enhanced to make them really useful. As you will see with the screenshots, schools, organisations and teams will see the new face of the Groups they use to have on their site.

List of features integrated in the bundle right now:

1- Send Mass Private Messages to Social Group, based on usergroup permission, with message formating.
2- Complete reformating of Overview and Main Group Page, inspired by Lynne’s template edits.
3- Capability to post Group Events in calendars, based on permissions. *(when group is deleted, all events related to that group are deleted)
4- Additional option, when editing an event on calendar, you can move the event from calendar to calendar.
5- Group description with message formating, permission based.
6- Auto-Subscription to Joined Group, with option on off/none/daily/weekly notification.
7- List or hide Group Events on Forumhome, with Group name as prefix or not.
8- Display Social Groups on Forumhome, seamlessly to the display, with all details and sorted the way you need.

Everything is template based, so you can modify these enhancements to your taste.


  • next update will contain RSS Feeds for each group and RSS global.
  • next update will link events to discussions, so when you create/edit an event, a new option let you create a new discussion related to the event. will be accessed directly from the calendar or the group events listing.
  • next update will kill the file edit, create a new cached table for storing all relations between events, discussions and groups.

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  1. moz-screenshot-1.png%22%20alt=%22%22%3Enex_sg_permissions.jpgnex_sg_permissions.jpg

    Usergroups Permissions.

    As you see, they mimic the permissions for similar functions across the software. No additional permission for « create events in calendar X », because you are the one to give permission to create events when you edit your calendar permissions.

  2. nex_sg_groupview.jpg

    Here is the Group View, global information of each group. Based on Lynne’s design, a complete redesign of the Group View because the actual one is unreadable. Now you have a sidebar with ALL the needed links in a navigation panel, instead of showing them in the bottom, added the needed links for the new features *(Mass PM, Events) and the new block for the Events.

  3. nex_sg_mailgroup.jpg

    Wanna Mass PM your group members?! here is the form. Directly inside the Group View page.

    As an addition, if the member is not active in the last 48 hours, the New Message Notification will send an email even if the user unchecked that option… this is to ensure that the group is all aware of the life there!

  4. nex_sg_editgroup.jpg

    When you edit your Group, now you have the full Wysiwyg editor, as well as additional feature to permit the members to post new events. If the usergroup you’re in does not permit BBCodes, you see the regular editor, and the bbcodes are not parsed, to avoid confusion.

  5. nex_sg_discussion-legacy.jpg

    Have a look at the new « postbit-legacy » way of viewing the group discussions… people will not be lost anymore if they visit the discussions. This feature can be activated in the Options. And as you can see, the « Quote Message » was added and is completely active with the BBCode activated.

  6. nex_sg_forumhome_listing.jpg

    Forumhome Display of Social Groups. Seamlessly integrated to the forum view, your visitors will not be mesmerized by a different look, and you can even edit these templates as you wish.

    As you can see, you also have the complete « Last Post » listing. Another detail is the « New Posts Bold » which let you know where you have new posts in discussions.

    As this is template based, you can edit the plugin for this and move the display somewhere else, if you have a portal style or else.

  7. nex_sg_wgo.jpg

    What’s Going On???

    You activated the Group Events, and you can decide what way they are shown in the What’s Going On Events list… this is setted up in the Options page.

    As you can see in this screenshot, the Group name is in front of the Event title, to indicate to which group the event is related… it is also a link to the group itself, as the link of the event will redirect to the calendar event itself.

  8. nex_sg_event.jpg

    The Event page, when you click the event in the calendar, the group events list or the WGO page.

    As you see in the navbar, the Group name is a link to the group page. as well as in the event title.

    nothing is different, because nothing has changed. the only thing the engine do is add an indicator to link each event with a usergroup…



    EVEN if you do not activate the group permissions to post new events, when you are posting a new event in the calendars you will now see this dropdown that let you choose in what calendar you post that event, and when you edit the event you can « move » the event in another calendar.

    this is a bonus for the engine!

  10. nex_sg_cal_yes_perm.jpg

    And for any group or calendar, if you have the permission to post events in a group or multiple groups, you see that new dropdown where you choose what group the event will be related to. You can choose to not related the event to any group, letting the event to be free in the calendar.

  11. Hum, a client requested me to merge this engine with the « Event Forums » thing, but as i have to recode that tool too, i think i will simply put this release on stand-by — as i did not have any purchaser yet anyway… and will release a version 2.0 in the next days *(not much changes, just a new table to store the infos instead of a table edit!)

  12. Ok. These are some issues I found on this hack in my forum (my english is basic so I’ll use screenshots for a better understanding).

    1) Here the link near the tittle for rss feed doesn’t work. I remember that I installed this addon separately and didn’t work either, so I had to uninstall.


    2) When use the mass PM function doesn’t appear the box for send the message:


    3) In grouplist the thumbs appears deformed:


    Also would be nice a column for these thumbs as icons, separately of the column of tittles.

    4) In the column of photos of the album the tittles are very separately from the image. One simple space would be fine.


    5) In main page is a blank marge in the right of the page:


    By the way very nice and complet addon, but this one needs fix some issues 😉

  13. ok, first, all the fixes needed for the « design and look » are completely related to you. The style used for this product are based on a Default vBulletin style, which is not the case for your site, so you will have to do the fixes on your style *(each templates related to the product are prefixed « nex_sg » so they are easy to find and fix)

    for the RSS Feed icon missing, i’ll have a fix in the next days, that feature is not even working, i just forgot to delete the icon link… i’ll also update the product with some fixes as there are some details like Group urls in the html title when you see events…

  14. I check the addon in other forum (without modifications, v3.8.4), and some issues still appears.

    2) Ok

    3) Same problem

    4) Ok

    5) Same problem with default style.

    And others that I forgot:

    – When post a message appears the old postbit style until refresh the page.


    – In List of All Messages in X, when there’re more than 1 page, appear the box of pages duplicated.


    Both issues in both forums.

  15. oh, thanks for the errors of the pagenav…

    for the posting, it is indicated already that the old postbit still show when you use the quick reply… this is impossible to change this without editing the ajax.php file, which is will not do.

  16. This engine is not based on Lynne’s engine, sorry… as it is new and never tested, i surely have some bugs… some are based on the styles used, some are because i did not get to test it on much sites… like the pagenav which i never saw… thanks for it. for the strange displays, i will try to edit these soon…

    i have hard time coding right now, i just read the codes and try to fix when it is simple… i’ll do the heavy stuff as soon as possible.

  17. Not really sure if it ‘d be an option perhaps, but I kind of like the idea of “social group fields”, similar to the current “user profile fields”.

    Like you use Gio~Logist’s “Extra Threadfields” I think you can imagine the possibilities.

  18. yes, the social group feature would actually make sense this way (thinking I haven’t contacted Gio yet. As you are currently working on the sg enhancements I wanted to suggest here first.

    Do you suggest asking there as well/instead?

  19. as i’m in good contacts with Gio, i don’t think it would be negative to ask him, he is a greatly dedicated coder.. if he say he will do it, he will… *(even if it takes long time as he is still at school, from last news)… but i’m used to it, Drew is at school too, so as i’m still in stand-by, nothing moves.. rofl

  20. installed, but i get this when wanying to join a group
    this i know is not your fault, as this was broke anyway, but you may know how to fix it for me :-

    Database error in vBulletin 3.7.3:

    Invalid SQL:

    REPLACE INTO subscribegroup (userid, groupid, emailupdate)
    VALUES (2, 12, ‘daily’);

    MySQL Error : Table ‘magicalp_vbulletin2.subscribegroup’ doesn’t exist
    Error Number : 1146
    Request Date : Tuesday, November 10th 2009 @ 03:04:01 PM
    Error Date : Tuesday, November 10th 2009 @ 03:04:01 PM
    Script : Magical Pro Teachings
    Referrer : Magical Pro Teachings
    IP Address :
    Username : Scott
    Classname : vB_Database
    MySQL Version : 5.0.81-community

  21. finally got around to it nexia, and I’m very impressed so far so good.The only issue was the spacing between the what’s going on box was grouped to close. so a simple
    did the trick..:grin_Grin:

    waiting for an updated featured mentioned on first post..

  22. group rules is quite easy, it’s just a checkbox to compare with an entry in the db…

    sub-categories would mean what, sub-cats in the social groups or in their discussions???

    email list is already possible with this tool no??? just tweaking « mass pm » into mass-email is just a click away, as instead of vb_pm, we call vb_mail… 🙂

  23. @nexia 26065 wrote:

    group rules is quite easy, it’s just a checkbox to compare with an entry in the db…


    @nexia 26065 wrote:

    sub-categories would mean what, sub-cats in the social groups or in their discussions???

    sub cats in the social groups.

    @nexia 26065 wrote:

    email list is already possible with this tool no??? just tweaking « mass pm » into mass-email is just a click away, as instead of vb_pm, we call vb_mail… 🙂

    Yes, but you need email to post as well, so that it goes two ways. I mean email list in the traditional ‘group email’ sense, as described here: Electronic mailing list – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    This function would allow me to incorporate various NGO’s (that use Email Lists as their primary mode of communication) into my site.

  24. Actually several people released that for old vb versions(vb2, vb3.5). It would help if the products would work though. :/
    There is one vb3.7 product that comes halfway, as the outgoing mails arrive. :s Plus it needs Gmail to work as a proxy. The coder has left some months ago, and has not supported the hack for 6 months. So that doesnt give much confidence.

    It would be very nice to have in your groups enhancement.

  25. the problem is that if i release it because some people asked for it, i would have to support it until it is forgotten, and most people would ask to upgrade to 4.x… so i would have to continue supporting it for years…

    the best thing would be to force vBulletin Solutions to consider working with outsourcers like me… i’d be pleased to code these enhancements if they are purchased by vBSolutions and integrated in a new version…

    example, all my enhancements could be integrated in 4.1 which is planned in the next months… how pathetic to see that they use 4.1 just to debug their errors…

  26. I’m not sure how many functionality requests I have posted in vb’s suggestion forum. Probably hundreds. We will have to see if it has any use to suggest functionality to them. You have talked to Ray and see how that went.
    They are hiring a lot of staff though, so hopefully that does promise something.

    I think that if you build this for vb4, then people will get used to it. vb will have to incorporate it at some point.
    Alternatively you can do the same as vbseo and ask a lot of money for it.

  27. hiring a lot of incompetents because they are cheap and show great portfolio does not mean they are useful for the project… they replace valuable staff with people who know nothing about vBulletin, it’s like starting over on the wrong bases.

    and if i ask a lot of money, like 50$ per engine, would you pay for them?… not sure. far from being sure.

  28. vbseo $149. They have over 30.000 customers.
    Photopost $149. Their forum lists 50.000 members.
    vb costs $285 now. Will be much more in time…

    $50 is peanuts.

    If an addon is good, stuffed with features, supported and fills a demand, then its ok to ask money for it.

  29. i know i can apply a fee on my big engines, that’s what i do already… but as for the calendar thing, 4 subscribers in two months… because we have no advertising… photopost had a lot of advertising before vB 3.5 because they had an official forum on, like ibarcade right now.

    same for vbSEO which had all these coders showing the link in their signatures on both and… and they paid a lot of advertising on google etc… which i can’t afford.

    every situation have explanations, and as i always say, none of my client have to be involved in my loss or success, they can say i’m bright and glorious, that does not mean everybody is on the same opinion… ask « loret » about this… he now think i’m a moron… lol

  30. Well, no person in their right mind is going to add much new 3.8 add-ons now, unless its certain that the addons are available for vb4 as well. vb 4.1 much just be bug free! lol. And theres no use adding stuff now, if an upcoming upgrade to vb4 will make you loose the same stuff.
    So its a rather bad time to measure clientèle.

    I know several people that have offered 50 to 100 bones each, for a calendar – RSVP – event forum suite. Im one of them.

    By the bye: you just released a zillion 3.8 addons on so thats excellent advertising.

  31. you know, the persons who offered bones for a rsvp are now questioning their bones not because of the version 4, but that’s not the only problem… most of the people who are on a 3.x version will require to be served for their 4.x as well, so i have to make sure the script can support both versions, or at least two versions to support everybody…

    that’s always the problem. i do not have 2000 clients, i have 5… not enough to pay the bills… 😉

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