Prune PM too old and outscored…

There is no global prune of PMs in vBulletin… you have to do it per user, by hand… heavy.

Also when you import a new forum and your pm quota is different from that other forum, PMs are deleted without updating the counts… this is to avoid dB lock on large forums, but it’s obviously something useful.

Some guys here faced that situation, where there was an alert of new PM and there was nothing to see in the PM, and the system still tell their inbox is full so they can not post anymore… i’ve received reports of that situation lately, so i know what’s the point.

So i coded something for ImpEx last year, as well as i released it for my clients in the old time… but i think it could be useful to have it as a product…

So in the next days, i’ll finish updating the script, line by line because i still can’t code and i write slowly. I tested a version today, and it seems to work properly, so i’ll fix a real file for it, as for now it’s a patch… 🙂

what it does?

simply delete all the old PMs depending on how much days old you want to keep the newests. Then it delete the pmtext and tracker… then to finish, it reset all pmcount for all users and recalculate them all… 🙂

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