Re: They got me, i’m hit, i was backstabbed

Ok so I just saw this… What does this mean for us? Is the « vb 5 » totally out of the picture? Also I have been holding off on a lot of custom work because I was holding out for this.. Should I still?

Sorry for all the questions lol

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  1. Hum, nah, i was refering to the staff at Jelsoft, not related to InternetBrands… so nothing is decided yet… as said long time ago, Ray told me to wait until 4.0 is released… it was said in private that the release date was fixed to next week…

    anyway, i have to tell you that i’m in discussion with different groups of guys who are ready to drop vB if they have a better solution to work on…

    So what i have in mind, as i’m without any contract now *(due to the accident), that i may simply take vB 3.8.4 and agregate all and every useful addons to it, and recode everything to be based on the MTF once we know where we go… we may take 6 months to do so, but i think it worth it… recoding the entire engine will be very easy as there is so much bugs in it that just by correcting it will make our code very different from the code of vB.

    as of an information, the actual vb CMS is dealing with 125 queries for a pageload…

    as i already alerted Ray Morgan that i was in discussion with another group interested in my work, i suppose it will be easy to explain why 8 months later i release my own engine. i protected myself.

    Matt Mecham, the founder of IPB, is also aware of my engine, and all the addons i created lately… i have a copy of all their newest versions, but they are crap.. .a lot of good ideas, like style and ajax features.. but basically, vB and IPB are easy to compare… 🙂

    i want the WHM-like system, you remember, multi-sites system… i want it in the core, even if we do not develop it right away.


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