8 years after, i’ll write the story again…

The history wrote:

The PostNuke project was started in July 2001 and grew out of the frustration of four guys not being able to contribute to the development of another open source project. PostNuke was the first open source project to provide a sourceforge type free hosting service to third party developers we nicknamed the NOC (Network Operations Center).

We are again, a bunch of guys frustrated to not being able to contribute seriously to the development of a project. And it was decided in the light of the latest events inside vBulletin Solutions walls that we all had enough to wait for the clock to tick…

One song actually inspire me to continue my work, my way… « Brûle », from Sniper, a french speaking music group from France… here are the video and the lyrics, in french sorry… Sniper: Brûle … les paroles nexialys.net What it means is that if you want things to change, you have to vote, you have to act… i do.

In the next months, we will be hiding in the dark, developing a complete different engine that have nothing to do either will vBulletin, or IPB or anything like this… why? because i’m a developer and i don’t like being stalled waiting for a job call… I actually can not code, i’m still in post-operatory vacations, but i can discuss with people, i can write ideas and check over the shoulder of the guys who will highjack the whole internet to find the best solutions for our future clients.

The goal of the project, provide a complete solution for webmasters, multi-sites owners, as well as small groups and communities. no more details for now, we will have something serious after christmas!

For all the vBulletin clients of this site, you’re about 1500 subscribed members, you loose nothing. Everything that is available right now on the site is still available until our new product is released publically, and then we will offer something special for everyone.

As this site is driven by « lifetime » subscriptions, i don’t plan closing the site until vBulletin Solution stop supporting their actual 3.8.x version, as you’ll all be in need of the addons we’re releasing here. This was announced in the past, we still stick to that rule, and even if we decided to switch our back to vB, we are still supporting our stuff, and we continue releasing small addons from time to time.

I suppose that cover it all, some commercial announcements will be made here on due time.

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  1. It is amazing how everything always does a complete turn.
    The energy behind new ideas and brand new developments 8-10 years ago, might seem to some people to have run out of steam lately…
    « It’s all now being done… » « There is nothing fresh left to develop… » etc…

    What tosh, because as long as there are people/developers such a Nexia and the others on this site, and as well as community sites such as this one, there will always be fresh progs popping up. Developers can not sit still and do nothing… It’s in their nature. While big business might sometimes buy up and apparently damage a good product, the true unfettered devs will constantly move on and continue to blow us away.
    It’s the same in any industry…
    The internet is still young and we have not even begun to touch the tip of product development.

    I subscribed to this site because I support those who strive to provide us with cool goodies. I did not make this post to kiss arse. I am 35, have zero interest in coding at all, so I rely on sites like this for my software goodies.

  2. i’ve been asked by a lot of contacts and friends if i was leaving the vB market and start a competitor… the answer is no…

    not interested to compete vB, and btw, it already has a lot to compete.

    we’ll be starting something related to some larger clients, like webmasters and multi-site owners, which is not the main target of vBulletin Solutions™ which sell a software for per-client solutions.

    we never know, maybe we will simply add a bridge to put vB in the structure of our engine… we already plan to have 2 or 3 forum solutions based on different ways to use a forum…

  3. Bridging/linking… That’s the ticket…

    Most website/forum owners actually have very little coding knowledge/ability but they like a certain product or a feature of it.

    I feel, one of the ways forward is to give a product that forms the basis of a content management system (for example) but where is is incredibly easy to skin and change the look and feel. Make it easy to bridge to other products you like. Joomla and the like does this well where you can link in a good few forum progs and shopping carts etc…
    I just feel that you are still feeling that you are dealing with a CMS prog as you are still bound by inherent defaults within each prog…
    For example,
    « Joomla links/skins well but the modding is limited. BUT it is easy to edit… Drupal is more powerfull with regards to editing but you need experience… Etc etc… »

    The usual comparisons and flaming.

    The point is that there are PLENTY awesome products out there but they for the most part are still in their own corners and fight with competing products. That is actually fine as most products are run by businesses and they need to make money.
    However, I see a disturbing trend of the products leaving their original concept to try become an all in one solution.

    It CAN’T be done and does not exist for the forseeable future. It’s like trying to operate a million different internets and lure clients/users. It will never happen. The internet is the glue that holds the whole mess of websites etc together.

    If you are a software forum company, stick to what you know.
    If you are a client relationship management software company, stick to what you know.

    I just feel we need a decent core package that you can effortlessly change the look and feel and you can pretty much damn well clip anything into it.

  4. Funny you say that, because I forgot to point in my post above that yes, while I run a business and have clients who come onto my forum/shopping cart there is one main fact that developers seem to overlook a lot of the time…

    I am ultimately a client to the developers and not a fellow coder

    I have very little coding experience and need modular and easily editable software.
    There are masses of people out there who are just too intimidated to setup their own websites/stores/forum and can’t afford to pay developers or who give up because their idea is not being developed properly.

    Obviously some purists will freak out and say that this will harm the future of coding, but I really feel that we can compliment one another…

    The noobs and the coders can seriously feed off and support each other 🙂

  5. the system we plan on building have two different levels of configurations:

    a: webmaster side, where the configuration and setup of the site is done.

    b: inline administration, where the day to day admin can deal with everything related to the site itself, in ease.

    as an example, on vBulletin, phpBB, IPB, Joomla and others, there is one single administration panel, which are very full of configurations, settings and the late. cumbersome for the guys who know nothing about administrating a site, horrible for the ones who know nothing about computers, and a nightmare for the ones who want solutions not work.

    our way is different. if you need a setting for page X, the setting is accessed on page X by the « admin » and can be configured live. if you need to configure the hosting details, like the location of the cache or the sharing of dB, you have a very specific admin panel… so you see these things only when needed, instead of being invaded by them.

    this is also a good way to have a webmaster who manage your site, because that webmaster have access to the configurations but not the real administration functions… so the webmaster is dealing with your server, and have no access to moderating your forum, as example… this gives you flexibility in security and access…

    also, as you say, having access to the whole internet on a single site is impossible, we want to provide various basic solutions, so if you need more, you can, because we provide a bridge to other apps… we can’t code everything, and some projects already have the best solutions ever…

  6. Brilliant!

    I love the different administration task levels/permissions, because what is happening nowadays with regards to running of a « mom and pop » website is the same as large corporations.
    You have the designers, admins, mods etc types of jobs but on a very small scale. To be able to properly build, administer and manage a website (especially regarding an income generating website) in a very streamlined manner is hell of an important.

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