Brainstorm features for « Legend »

We should probably make a list of the features we want, and roadmap for what release we will put the features in.

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  1. Content Management:

    no more threads, posts, forums, blogs, albums, etc… we talk about content, and various levels of interaction.. the terms will be explained later, but the main thing is that we will need a system that can store 100 000 000 entries without breaking out. splitting dB tables??

    we need an engine that can be backed-up without hiring a developer each time. we also need something that can be modified without locking a table for hours if there is too much content in it.

  2. Module/Widget Based Themes
    All boxes need to be a widget/module and every single page can be customized. Core functions like posting have widgets that are « locked » when you try to edit there settings.

  3. One Class Does All
    We need a global class with $somevar that performs all the functions of our engine. With some very core functions of it being $somevar->init() setting up the database and loading user info.

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