isn’t it boring, no for a moment…

yeap, right now, it’s the 7th hour the site is down for upgrade…

that’s not good to see that the original place is taking more than 7 hours to update the default site structure…

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  1. Posted 18 hours ago:

    We know everyone is anxious to see vB4 in action, so here it comes!

    We are planning to upgrade to vB4 starting very early tomorrow morning. The plan is to put /forums/ into maintenance mode in the middle of the night (Pacific time) and be live again by mid-morning.

    Please note that this rollout will be an early beta release. By early, I mean really early, much earlier than betas have historically been rolled out on It is not a release candidate, so there will be rough spots, which we’re still working on, but we are choosing to make this available now in order to give you the earliest possible view of what is being built.

    This initial rollout will include Forums and Blog, as well as an internal build of Project Tools. It will not initially include CMS, but that will follow soon afterward.

    We have tested the upgrade process in a staging environment, and we are confident that it should go well. In the event that something doesn’t go as planned, we will simply revert to the current installation of 3.8.4, fix what breaks, and try again.

    In anticipation of the expected questions…

    Why didn’t you wait until the product was more « done »?

    To give you the earliest possible view of the new vB4.

    Why didn’t you wait until the CMS could be released along with Forum and Blog?

    To give you the earliest possible view of the new vB4.

    Why aren’t you delaying the release until feature _____ is implemented?

    In the spirit of release early, release often, we want to get releases out to customers early, in order to get real-world feedback, and often, so that they can start benefiting from basic features as soon as they are available, with more advanced features following shortly after in subsequent releases.

    See you in the morning!

    Maybe the limited number of alpha testers do not discover bugs quick enough.
    vb 4 is currently in alpha 6. Seems indeed very early ‘beta’.

    I hope Ray is not aiming for his own foot again.

  2. yeap, that is what was announced…

    this is obvious they did not have any test made before the move… and they can not say their site is way too big to test… i’ve tested major upgrades on way bigger boards lately… 75 to 100 millions posts and 5000 users online… merely do 10% of that…

    Christian Forums – Where Christian Community Meets Faith took me 45 minutes to upgrade from 3.0 to 3.7 … on three cascading servers… so they can not say i did not alert them on… rofl

  3. Not boring. laughable, hilarious most definitely. :grin_Smile: I seldom have the chance to gloat but over the past month with a lost site I have had a good month for gloating. :grin_Smile:

    That makes my heart all warm and fuzzy from within.

  4. as we talked about it Allan and me… you see the skunk image, on the blank page… and the html code comment… related to the SkunkWorks, the guys who build the fastest and best airplanes on the world, from Lockheed…

    they now refer themselves to the gods or aircrafts. what pretentious.. and pathetic, when you see the result.

  5. so, how was your day Shelley?

    on my side i’ve been two weeks trying to build a great theme for the new site i’m creating… a synchronised-swimming club, with 6 to 18 years old athletes, non-profit, local, small club… we have 3 olympics medals in the club, but we need to make a stand among all the very simple and ugly amateurist websites, and we have a load of content to put in… the front is for informing the parents, groups etc, and the forum is for the members and ancient athletes…

    so i have a load of work, no talent and no cash to pay for a real designer…

    i’m trying to build a style… really trying … rofl

  6. those are my favs:

    YOOtheme Demo Server – Mellow
    Refraction June 09

    my first pitch: forum demo

    andfor the curious, the hovering effect is javascript based on CSS tags… no js code in the html… that’s what i want to do on the style we will build on default on our engine… people can then customize as they wish, instead of being forced to use the crap of vb_menu javatrash…

    … the page is a pitch also, not a result… i put everything that works


  7. looks like Ray Morgan does not know how to handle PR at all… shit, they go to admin forums to post a description of what’s going on instead of starting a basic blog on their own site for up-to-date information…

    don’t know how IB built this network on big sites… oh, yeah, i remember, they were rich and they bough these sites… they know nothing about management.

  8. actually the goal was not to transform the functions but to put a CSS based style and update all existing bugs…

    what Ray said about the complexity of the update compared to their specific features unique to is pathetic… they always were able to update to the latest version without even a closing of the site

  9. actually, they made some moves to the site that are not related to what we see… the forum and functions we see are all the same, only some technical details on the look are different.

    guys who know vBulletin by heart can detect all these flaws that they added on the run too.. lol

  10. that stupid url rewrite is not a feature but a bloat fix…


    how pathetic… ?tid=threadid is still there… they just added a hook to parse also the new urls… i hope they did not pay anyone to do that pointless thing, it’s Zoint’s technique.

    Oh, Alfa1, can you confirm that it is the same technique used in NU_SEO??

  11. @Shelley 23796 wrote:

    The trouble with the vbulletin community as a whole is that they are too easily pleased which will secure vbulletins place in the software forum business.

    I have 1 site remaining and I see no reason to upgrade from 3.8.

    Thats not a bad thing it will make our solution look 10 times better.

  12. you have a point Drew… we will need a real comparaison chart where we show the bad things of our competitors, instead of just the good points of our engine.

    i’m not politically correct… instead of fighting in the back, we will show these guys publicly that we’re a group of heavy fighters.

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