Will you kill Rick Poster???

Your poster robot needs to be ritually massacred. The critter is creating zillions of duplicate threads and is making ‘new posts’ unusable.

5 réponses sur “Will you kill Rick Poster???”

  1. actually it is not Rick *(which also is a real member), but vB.com which send multiple rss because they are updating their feeds the wrong way… server moves etc..

    i think they added a new ping in 4.0, which break our own system for the older system — that’s another thing i told them about the feeds.

  2. i’m not the only place where these feeds from vb.com were hectic… some sites, not all, were receiving 500 copies of each entry in their feed — since the update of their site,.

    go figure, they said their servers were overloading… sure we know what.. 🙂

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