Data Type Handling Structure

There needs to be a better way to handle and index content. This is my idea:
– Base « content » table
— Title
— Date
— Author
— Tags
— Content
— type
— typeid (threadid, articleid, etc.)

– Thread
— All Thread options

– Article
— Article fields

( – = mysql table)
There would be a base content table with the fields above. This is the table that our search engine processes. Then every type of content « extends » this table. This way content can easily be changed (deleted from old table added to one and the id changes on the base table). This system would mean the contents actual id (the ‘content’ table’s id) would stay the same and therefor still accessible through its old URL. This also allows different types of data types to keep there special fields separate and not have a massive table with loads of data, that may only use a ⅓ of the fields.

4 réponses sur “Data Type Handling Structure”

  1. that’s a detail i had in mind but had no real solution about… you bring the best version so far…. yeap.

    i will try to write a bit about this, the way i see it, in the week-end… i’m finishing a website and then take a week to relax before starting the project…

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