This site is now infected by the A(H1N1)

You know what it is, when you have a flu pandemic, everybody is possibly hit by it. Your servant is not different from anyother human…

My kids were hit by the flu in the last 10 days, so i was close to no available at all lately, and now it’s me. The doctors say we need to rest for at least a week « after » the symptoms are gone… and i just start being sick, so i suppose it will be another 10 days where i risk to be offline for good.

You can still post support or requests, but be advised that you will have a sick man on the other side who just try to keep alive… rofl

see ya in a week or so!

5 réponses sur “This site is now infected by the A(H1N1)”

  1. Welcome to the club, I got H1N1 a couple of months ago, except I got quarantined in the Infectious Diseases Hospital for about a week. At least the food there was good, sadly they had no internet at all.
    Anyway, get better soon, at least it’s not as bad as they make it out to be, just like a regular flu really.

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