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As I’ve I started writing the Core for our engine I’ve really started to notice we are gonna need at least a name for our engine so we can start really « integrating » it into the core. We also are going to need some sort of « branding » for it (like logo, colors, etc.), so when we start making the layout we can have a basic theme.

My idea for the name would be something that emphasizes it’s flexible or adaptable (like a synonym for one of those words).

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  1. Perfect Blue Buildings …

    that’s what i was listening when i read your post… we need something like this as a tagline… maybe for the same reasons… rofl

    ok, i’m not suicidal because i have no friends, i just think the words are good… « perfect buildings »… our tools will be perfectly built.

    we can brainstorm for words, that’s good… 🙂

  2. lol ok, well I think we should definitely do something that highlights flexibility, and I guess because it is a CMS we should add that suffix. My idea was FlexCMS but that would probably be confused with Flex by Adobe

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