vbEnhancer back at the org for some releases

People will notice in the next days that i’m re-trying to release the complimentary works at vbulletin.org.

Please stay assured that the subscription you paid here to have access to these tools stand still. Members of vbulletin.org will still have to subscribe here to receive support on these products, no matter what.

None of my products will be supported on the org, none will be upgraded to 4.0 before it is noticed here.

That action may or may not bring more visitors here, but that’s a try… good luck !!!

15 réponses sur “vbEnhancer back at the org for some releases”

  1. lol..welcome back I’ve seen the releases, and i first thought someone else was releasing your mods hahah till i seen your profile. i figured vbenhancer+mods=nexia hahahaha

    yea I’ll be sticking with the 3.8 branch myself for a long time.I was given the opportunity to download 4.0 forum only,And i got upset because i paid for the blog and i didn’t get the suite package.I refused to pay for the renewal.

    but i got over it..and said the hell with 4.0:grin_Tongue:

  2. I wish there was an « install » button in the profile next to all the releases. It would make life so much easier.

    Like you can see if you have it installed and such by looking at someones profile…and (un)install from there also…

  3. @mikey1991 25955 wrote:

    suggest it to vborg staff 😉

    I think I just saw a pig fly :grin_Kiss:

    @nexia 25958 wrote:

    i would suggest to see a date of release and number of downloads in the profile, but they refuse any suggestion…


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