TrialPay, SuperRewards, GratisPay intergration

Hi Nexia,

Ive got this idea I wanted to put forward for your review.

Trialpay, Super rewards, Gratis pay etc are all virtual currency sites. At present they all take advantage of the social network world by offering one click integration.

Members complete offers and in return earn points. The admin earns money for every offer completed. What you offer in return for the points is upto the admin. On the social network sites such as facebook they are a popular way for members to get points to spend in games, however forums could offer mods, styles etc in return for points.

An example of this on a forum would be:- Instead of paying $10 for a key, they could complete offers to earn points. Once they have enough points these could be exchange for a key.

You earn more then the $10, as you set the exchange rate. Members dont have to pay anything, just complete a few offers.

I really do think many forums could take advantage of this system. Ive certainly got a way to use it on my forum that im currently developing, but I just dont have the php knowledge to create a callback script and incorporate this into vbcredits.

VBcredits said regarding the intergration:

In any case, integration with vBCredits is pretty much just manipulating the credits column on the vbulletin user table.

I hope I haven’t waffled on to much!

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  1. hum, yeah, as John or Robert said, on their side it would be easy, the original script just have to send money from one system to the other, so it’s easy…

    integrating it inside vBulletin would be more complicated if your originate script is not written in the same coding protocol…

    and if nothing exists, the best guys to be able to do so are John and Robert at… on my side it would be really complicated to start from scratch.

  2. Hi Nexia,

    Many thanks for your reply.

    Regarding the vbulletin integration, its more a case of creating a callback script which incorporates the vbulletin userid of the member that has completed the offer. Even to have it send an email to the admin with the details so they could manually add the points would be great.

    As for the actual intergration, once set up they give you an iframe code which would be easy enough to implement – its just getting the callback script created so it identifies the vbulletin member.

    Ive got the callback guides they send through as a reference if this si something you may consider. I can see a great many forum admins being interested.

  3. first, i never « avaluate » how interested other admins could be interested… i ask them instead. if you have 2 persons interested in a public of 10 000, it is not something interesting for a release, i would loose a lot of time to implement it and if i do not charge the requester properly, i loose a lot of cash as well.

    a lot of requests are « very promissing », but at the end, it’s a complete drop, because only the requester is finding the idea interesting.

    integration with a iframe is not integration… it’s a cookie. if as the opposite we see vBulletin wrap the whole engine with header/footer and it use a single process to bridge with the apps, we call this an integration… this is more interesting because you loose no security, and you’re sure the apps will have the same look as the other parts of your site. THAT could be interesting if the guys over there are providing instructions and their system is compatible.

    but as i say, everything is possible. wrapping the site is something, integrating with vbcredits is something else…

  4. Hi Nexia,

    Thanks again for your reply.

    Your right about the interest. A lot of developers of facebook apps are making quite a bit of money using virtual currency, I just presumed it would interest a lot of forum admins. As you say, Its easy enough for me to say, but for a developer like yourself you prefer to see actual numbers to justify your time.

    Would this be something you would be interested it looking at if I were to send you through the callback/intergration guide to have a look at to see if it would be an easy or difficult job?

    I must admit I thought it would be easier then I thought. I thought it would be a case of getting the iframe code and putting it in a vbulletin page (Using this mod)

    I then thought they would send you an email when a member completed an offer, but instead they all ask you to create a callback script – except GratisPay which gives you a sample script. Ive got the sample script running, but not sure how to get it to identify vbulletin userids.

    The vbcredits intergration I dont think is overly important to start with. If the script could send an email to the admin with basic details « user id, offer completed, points awarded etc » then the points can be manually added to whichever points script an admin is using.

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