Nexia’s Additional CMS Blocks for Widgets

Add some styled blocks for your CMS!

These are to be used with « Static HTML » widgets… you can put everything you want in these, and they will always look good.

This is a major miss in the actual CMS, as we were unable to choose the style of our blocks… now we can!

This is a « product », not template edit… it’s more a lead on what you can do with templates than a feature, but as you simply have to import the file to have these 8 new templates, why not… i may add more in the future!

The Production demo can be seen here:

Tutorial on How to use these Blocks:

It’s pretty simply actually… the Nexia’s Additional CMS Blocks feature let you give style to your CMS by offering you a wider variety of designs for your blocks. That offer a smarter way to display static content to your site.

When you go to your AdminCP >> vBulletin CMS >> Widgets menu

in the bottom, you have the button to create a new widget.

you then see a page like this:

… as you can see, in the scroll menu, you can select any type of widget you want. the demo shows « Static HTML », and this is exactly what you need to use actually… so Save this test after having a title and a « not so useful » description.

then, you are back at the Widgets Menu, and you see your new Widget in the list… at the right, you see the « Configure » link… use it!


This small popup has two fields to complete properly.

The first one is where you put your text/html… remember that it’s a html parser, so even if you put new lines etc, if they are not coded in html, they will not be formated as is in the widget.

The second field is where you put the new template name you want to use. based on what you see around this article, the left and right sidebars which contain examples of each of these templates, you choose the one you prefer…

* nex_block_html
* nex_block_justpad_html
* nex_block_naked_html
* nex_block_nohead_html
* nex_block_nohead_justpad_html
* nex_block_nohead_naked_html
* nex_block_nohead_nopad_html
* nex_block_nopad_html

and that’s it… you now have to go to your Layout Manager, select the layout you want to adjust, and edit it… you will now have the new widget you created in the list in the left flank of the page, and you can put it anywhere on that layout!

voilà! and good luck with your design!

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