so, where are the white goblins at ?@!

lot of things to update in our thoughts…

but as i’m not a person of codes, i’ll talk a little about what i updated in my toughts in the last 2 years:

1- no more « forum »… everything is supposed to be used to be filled with data, like text, feed, discussion, article, photos, video, etc…

2- with minimal plug-and-play admincp, we can create everything:

a: basic infos, hierarchy*(child, independant, custom etc)
b: type of section *(articles, discussions, reviews, poll, etc)
c: level of permissions *(admin, manager, moderator, author, etc)
d: sets of fields *(because 2 articles sections can have different fields, like rating, ranking, folios, references etc)
e: customization

so basically, when we create a sections/sub-section/sub-sub etc… we set the basic infos, and then the type, the level and the sets… if we do not use the default features, we set details in the customization fields…

that way, any moron can handle the creation of most of what can be a community… even the cms!

right now, if you want to customize vB cms, you need a tutorial… missing one actually, so you need someone paid to handle it!

same for IPB, phpBB and some others… the more gadgets, the less flexibility due to the multiplication of settings…

if we simply have to choose if this section is an article repository with only the admins can posts and need guest level to comment, that’s pretty simple and easy to understand… right now in vB and IPB, you need to set at least 50 elements in the CP!

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