News: Small change ins the Library, and Subscription Running!

As you can see, the Scripts Library changed a little bit… now, everything is under the same directory… around 100 products are available, so that’s not that complicated to browse.

As an addition, you have a simple subscription for Membership that gives you access to everything in here in the same time. No complicated renewals, no heavy registrations… simple as that!

Une pensée sur “News: Small change ins the Library, and Subscription Running!”

  1. Also, just so everybody understand.. this site is not a promotion site or a community, but only a support site for my work. You do not need to see other visitors, others profiles etc… the only place you need to see that would be for demo of a product, which all have screenshots, so a live version is not needed.

    And… all these products are based on the default vBulletin design. If you need customization for your design, you can ask, i’m all available for that… depending on your design, that can also be for free!

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