Nexia’s Add Content Before Buddypress Pages

A little Exclusive tweak that seems to be very useful for everybody willing to add content to some specific Buddypress pages.

Buddypress have the damn feature to drop every template content before showing its own, so we can’t add text, headers, infos etc in any of theses pages without editing our templates..


But with this plugin, you now can, without the need to edit the core files of Buddypress… a simple plugin that let you show the content of the “Excerpt” of the page instead of it’s content… because Buddypress uncache the content that you save in these pages.

nex_bp_before-editor-pageAnd you are lucky, this is the default template code found in basic themes, but you can do whatever you wish with this, by adding a template file in your own theme folder and the script will use it instead… *(so you can have custom designs for each of your themes)


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