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Yolo or not Yolo, that is the question…

spoiler alert: memes inside!

YOLO, everybody knows it, means  » you only live once « … This can be decifered as  » live healthy and be careful because life is a precious gift ».

But not everyone use it as is… actually less and less people use it that way, because internet… And I questionned myself today after seing 3 persons using this expression as their Personal Motto…

Actually, YOLO is used by the majority for saying « Do stupid things because this might be your last day »… You can interpret it in many different ways, for sure.  But in America, to have recognition from the masses, you have to do stupid things, or never seen things so you receive « likes » and « clicks ».

And right after recycling this expression, people started creating « memes » to explain the trend.  Here are some:

So… are you that into « Yolo » to use it as your motto?

Remember that if you add this to your personal profile or your business page on Linked-in, you may have advert effects on it…

… think of it twice!



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