Forumbit Tool Icons

To enhance the visitors’ experience, you can add some quick tools to your forum display. You can see these icons here on, and here is a clear screenshot of what they look like:


As you see the 4 icons, and here what they are: (the title appear when you hover on them)

– create new thread in that forum
– list new posts/threads in that forum
– subscribe to that forum
– RSS Feed for that forum

… they are all permission based, so if you have no permission to post, the icon New Thread will not show… same for the search and subscribe.

As usual, that modification is without any code or template edits.

The icons are copyrighted, but you can change them when you want… you can also edit the template « forumhome_forumbit_toolicons » to make it look the way you want… like adding a border, or making them vertical instead of horizontal…

If you have Cyb Subforums Manager, you will have to edit the forumbit templates to your taste…

This tweak is better used if you drop the Threads/Posts columns in your forumbits templates.