so, where are the white goblins at ?@!

lot of things to update in our thoughts…

but as i’m not a person of codes, i’ll talk a little about what i updated in my toughts in the last 2 years:

1- no more « forum »… everything is supposed to be used to be filled with data, like text, feed, discussion, article, photos, video, etc…

2- with minimal plug-and-play admincp, we can create everything:

a: basic infos, hierarchy*(child, independant, custom etc)
b: type of section *(articles, discussions, reviews, poll, etc)
c: level of permissions *(admin, manager, moderator, author, etc)
d: sets of fields *(because 2 articles sections can have different fields, like rating, ranking, folios, references etc)
e: customization

so basically, when we create a sections/sub-section/sub-sub etc… we set the basic infos, and then the type, the level and the sets… if we do not use the default features, we set details in the customization fields…

that way, any moron can handle the creation of most of what can be a community… even the cms!

right now, if you want to customize vB cms, you need a tutorial… missing one actually, so you need someone paid to handle it!

same for IPB, phpBB and some others… the more gadgets, the less flexibility due to the multiplication of settings…

if we simply have to choose if this section is an article repository with only the admins can posts and need guest level to comment, that’s pretty simple and easy to understand… right now in vB and IPB, you need to set at least 50 elements in the CP!

small delay for the opening of the site…

i’ve been very occupied in the last days, trying to upgrade some of my scripts, like the RSS Engine… but it’s coming in with the new stuff, just slower than planned because i had to deal with the school of two of my kids…

there are some subscriptions ready, for the ones willing to download the old crap or simply support my work!

in the next days, new announcements, once the kids are at school for good!

Free for all for another day or two…

yeap, the few who visited the site in the last days found out that there was no subscription and everybody could download anything… ARGH, i’m ruined!!!

actually not… rofl… i locked down the downloads, i think, but with vB perms that are a mess, i don’t know!

and anyway, what’s on the site is not yet set properly for the « sales ». the new stuff isn’t there, i took time to clean the mess and find a way to build my bundles. but nothing is complete yet, i have to handle subscriptions, post new stuff and merge some projects to have only the essentials… *(as example, everything related to the calendar will be under a single and unique package/bundle)

In the past, the prefered bundle i had was not to have per-year subscriptions or unlimited access for a mega-price, but to have a monthly charge to access everything… like 100$ to have access to the whole site, any type of download. as i do not apply any « branding-free » bullshit, you do not have to come back to pay the extra… so, i think we’ll go with that good formula again, so you have access to everything for a monthly subscription.

support?… given to anybody who downloaded a product, lifetime!…. support, not customization, which is a seperate service. you need an additional feature, you ask for paid service.

so that’s it… no more freebie btw, all and everything free is delivered on everything gift is delivered in the numerous packages offered to any subscriber.

2 hours / day… that’s all i can give you folks!

Most of the guys here aren’t aware of this, but i have a family… yeap! 7 kids and a wife… And i’m the gifted one to work from home when my wife is out for her job. So as this site is my main revenue, i have to focus on the work that is done here… At least 2 hours per day. The kids take all the rest… 🙂

So this is to be taken in consideration if you ask for a paid job… I usually reserve half of my work time to dedicated contracts, so about one hour per day… If you need more, the charges will raise accordingly. I’m sure you all understand that.. 🙂

Nexia’s Personal Favicon per Member

# To install, simply IMPORT in the Products Manager the file contained in the /IMPORT_PRODUCT/ folder.
# there is no setup, configuration or file edit to do… this is simple!

# What it does is simple… if your users have an avatar, it will show in the navigation bar of their browser instead of the default favicon. If you visit a member’s profile who has an avatar, this one will show up!

… see the screenshot for an example, or browser for a live version.


# How to present this to your members… in your own words. but you can start a contest that the best avatar will win something, or make a poll for the best one, etc… it encourage interaction between members!

… and the avatar is good so the members know they are part of something!

update: will now show user’s avatar on member profile, blog and album. if you know some places where it would worth to show, only personal pages i forgot, just tell!

Each section is for a specific product, each driven by a specific paid subscription.

As title say, each sub-forum in this section is suggesting a specific product that can be purchased by subscribing to the plan with its name.

When a section is having no thread is because we’re not releasing it right away… They are in test, or in development. we « announce » their arrival by teasing you with a product title and its description.

If you are not subscribing to a product yet, you can still ask a question or two in the main section. support and downloads are accessed only for the subscribers.

Timelife access to files: our system register what you were able to download, and you will continue to have access to these files until you break yourself the conditions of access *(piracy is a good reason)

the Presence engine is already on place, and it helps us keep track of what was downloaded, what version and how many times…

We also have a demo of each of these products, so you can check everything with screenshots or working demo before purchasing it… Refund for the reasons like « it’s not working », or « it’s not doing what it is supposed to », are not valid then…,

[Boofo], [Hambil], [MbyM] and the others…

You know them well; Robert Boofo Hindal, Hambil, Maria Avlatzi, Jason Rabel and some others… As they are now part of the past of vBulletin, they greedily accepted to let me take-over their work so people are not let on their own when using them.

As for Boofo who passed away sooner this summer, i had to make a public statement on what i was supposed to support after, as i was already supporting his tool on vbEnhancer, when the site was up.

Regarding Boofo’s work, it’s a bit different. Sooner this year, we made a deal that i would take over his work when he wouldn’t be able to set sail anymore… He then passed away sooner this summer, before we get time to set things up, so i have to recover his « pro » work in a different way, which cause a little delay on the support of all his work. But we’re on it.

Most of Boofo’s of the late 9 years were competing mine, so the decision was made to merge all these compatible tools to make only one of each. His « Spider Display on Forumhome » will be merged into my « Crawlers Bundle », which already have a similar usage but with more features… His « Ultimate Header Greeting » is a duplicate of my « Welcome Msg by the Hour », so merging both is also a solution… people will see no real difference as most of our merges will give similar results, just with more features.

Same for Hambil, who released some tools i’ve already took over long time ago, like the Weighted Polls, and Ico-Content, which is now the Up-to-Date « Nexia’s Answers Aggregator », which create 3 different lives on your site: random content with discussions, test site with a load of demo content, virtual members with life…

Maria’s stuff is a bit different. other coders have taken over her releases, which were coded by some paid coders who had a single goal, convert existing engines to vBulletin… this is different with the tools i have. i will not upgrade the converts, i will simply code new engines from zero. Classifieds, Personal Ads, Clubs, etc

There are other codes who demoted their work to be reusable, so i take that chance and do it my way… you will have these tools distributed in the different sections of this site, and i hope you’re pleased with them.